The ChocoSwirl is adding flair and fun to all types of restaurants and business concepts. It is a rotating cylinder of chocolate (patent pending) that slowly rotates and creates a mesmerizing visual display. The best part is that you can eat it! Just shave chocolate onto anything you like including ice cream, coffee, pastries, fruit and more. For a delicious combinaton, combine our Fluffies machine and the ChocoSwirl to make yummy chocolate filled Fluffies!

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CHSW ChocoSwirl Pro
  • $1399.99
CHSW-22-WD ChocoSwirl Cylinder
  • $299.99
CHSW-COVER ChocoSwirl Cover - Full Coverage
  • $299.99
CHSW-COVER-SELF ChocoSwirl Cover - Self Service
  • $299.99