Why LollyWaffle

Why choose us?  We understand that there are other companies that make waffle irons, but we feel we are the best choice on the market.  Here's why:

  1. We design our own machines.  We work hard to maximize features and durability while not breaking the bank.  Our machines will work over and over again.
  2. Our mixes are amazing.  They only need water and are designed to work seamlessly with their respective machines.  We generally spend 12-18 months developing and testing our mixes before they are sold.
  3. We have been in the food equipment business since 2003.  We manufacture chocolate fountains, sipping chocolate machines and other niche food equipment.  Our customers know us by name (our master company is Sagra, Inc. - www.sagrainc.com).
  4. We are a small company.  Drop us a call between 7-3 PST and find out for yourself.  No waiting on hold or getting employee of the week.  Our newest staff member has been here since 2010.  Prompt, educated service from Tacoma, WA.
  5. The profits on a LollyWaffle machine are great.  Appx. cost of 30 cents per unit with a retail of over $4.  It is a great moneymaker anyone can do.  The margins on our other products (Fluffies, Leige, etc.) will vary, but will be well above average.

We hope you choose LollyWaffle whether you are looking Liege Waffle Machines, Waffle-on-a-Stick machines, Fluffles Machines or other various equipment we make.  Please call us with any questions or for a formal quote.

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